Friday, December 3, 2010

The Bahamas Baby!

My vacation destination next August...... :)


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Perfect Christmas Card with the help of Shutterfly!

Hannah is at the age where she can't sit still for more than 2 seconds at a time to take a decent photo, which isn't good when we are trying to capture the perfect shot for this year's Christmas cards.

Fortunately, no matter what photo we decide to go with, our Christmas card is sure to look great with the help of Shutterfly. Trouble is, they have so many great designs to choose from that I have a hard time making up my mind! :)

I was thinking of going with this one....what do you think?

I like the classic folded cards, but you can also do flat cards and photo cards as well - in dozens of different designs!

And by the way, we don't just order our holiday cards through Shutterfly. We also order prints through them as well. They look great and the shipping is fast! And they usually have a promo code for free shipping with a $25 or so purchase, which makes it even better! They also have prepaid print plans. I've never used them, but I think I should take advantage of them soon since I order so many prints of my little one!

For Mother's Day last year, we gave both of Hannah's grandmothers customized calendars of Hannah for every month. They are completely customizable and super easy to create! The grandmas loved their calendars and their photo cards!

So be sure to check out shutterfly when you start thinking of your holiday cards this year! And look for my Shutterfly card in the mail sometime this month! ;)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My 'Excuse' for not blogging....

The reason why I haven't written in this blog in so long?
One word.

Isn't she cute? I know I'm a little biased. ;)
We took some family pictures on Saturday for my parents' Christmas card.
The photographer caught Hannah in this cute pose.
Now I just need to get started on my own Christmas cards. Shutterfly gets all my business. We've done all of our cards through them since Hannah was born and they are always a hit! We even did some calendars for the Grandmas for Mother's Day and they loved them!
I'd like to say I'll have my cards ordered and ready to send by the beginning of December.....but we all know it will be more like the 20th. ;)
-M's REALLY been a while!

My last post was December is now November 2010. And just like in my last post, a LOT has happened since then (aka HANNAH). I really did set out to create a blog and continuously post happenings from the Whitesell household - but I dropped the ball. I am making it my (early) New Years resolution for 2011 to keep this blog (semi) updated for my friends' and family's viewing pleasure. ;) It's up to you to hold me accountable.