Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Home Management Binder

I'd like to think that I am a pretty organized person when it comes to paperwork. Problem is, I have papers and important information in several locations. So, when Toni over at A Bowl Full of Lemons challenged us to create a Home Management Binder I decided to give it a try!

The only thing that I had to buy for this project was some tabs. The rest I had on hand. I used a binder, some scrapbook paper and my awesome new labeler that I got for my birthday! (Thanks Mom!)

I found this cute paper in my scrapbook supplies. The picture isn't very good -but it is lime green and gray print. I kinda have a thing for green!

My sections are:
To Do

 I used a mix of free printables I found on the net and some that I made myself. I will try and add links where I found the printables.

To Do: 
I have a lot of To-Do Lists lying around. I wanted something I could customize for a certain day of the week or a certain task, but didn't see anything that worked for me online. So I decided to make my own. 

I also made up my own cleaning schedule that I could change/edit as needed. I made weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly lists. 

No printables here. Just work and church schedules. These were previously hanging all over my fridge, so it's nice to get them off of there!

I made a monthly checklist for each of my bills. My list has the bills typed in, but this is blank for my privacy.
I found this printable at Tip Junkie. 

I start next year's Christmas shopping extremely early....like December 26th. So I like to keep tabs on the gifts I have picked up throughout the year (and not just for Christmas). So I typed up these sheets (of course mine are filled in with the names of my family members) to help me keep track of what gifts I have already purchased.

I keep H's daycare schedule and important papers.

I am really just getting started with this blog, but eventually I'd like to do a scheduled daily post. I need to start writing down all my ideas on this handy sheet from I Heart Organizing.

I may do a Menu Plan section as well. After seeing everyone else's info, it has motivated me to create a weekly meal plan. I need to try it out for a couple weeks and see if it is beneficial to me.

Well, that's my Home Management Binder.
Hopefully it will prove to be helpful in keeping all of my important info in one place!


alexandra s.m. said...

What a greta binder and wonderful ideas!
Thanks for sharing!!

Carpenter's said...

LOVE it! Oh and can I get a blank print out of your monthly bill checklist for myself. Wow! would that help me out :)

Thanks for the chat today, it was fun!!

Michelle said...

Courtney you can have any of my printable sheets - just let me know which ones and I'll email them to you!

So great to see you on Saturday!

Gamer said...

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