Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 11: The Freezer

Day 11 of the 21-Day Organization, we are over halfway done!

Day 11 is the freezer.

We bought a bigger chest freezer this past fall to give us some more room to store food. Each year, we purchase a half side of beef from my cousin, which didn't leave me room for much other food. So, it hasn't been that long since the freezer was cleaned/organized - yet amazingly, it was rather unorganized.



The best part of this freezer is all of the bins and separators that came with it. 

After I got everything separated and in its proper place, I got out my trusty label maker and labeled everything. Now, hopefully when the hubby and I unload groceries everything will get put in the correct street and it will stay organized! (Crossing my fingers!)

I just love that label maker! :)

Keep it up fellow bloggers! We're halfway done!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I want those dividers and baskets!!! They are so awesome (Really? Did I just write that about freezer containers? The sad part - I truly mean it!).

Great job with the labels!!