Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 18: Keepsakes

Today's challenge is to organize your keepsakes.

I'm embarrassed to show the picture of where I was storing Hannah's keepsakes.


Yes, that is a Hallmark bag full of stuff.

It's embarrassing.

As I am sure all you mothers out there know, the weeks (and even months) after your delivery is exhausting, hectic, exciting and stressful - and maybe even more so when it is your first. You don't have a lot of time to organize.

So, when Hannah was born, I threw all of her greeting cards, ID bracelet, baptismal items and all other keepsakes in this bag.

And then I just kept throwing more and more in there until it looked like this:

So, needless to say, I was glad that Toni over at A Bowl Full of Lemons included keepsakes in her 21-Day Challenge.  This stuff was in desperate need of organizing.

I went simple - with stuff I already had - since I'm not sure if it will stay this way as she gets older and begins school. (I love how Toni did her binders!)

I labeled each hanging folder with an individual year and put in manila folders for significant events within each year (i.e. birth and baptism in Year 1). I also included pregnancy to have a place for my Belly Book and my sono pictures.

I don't love it, but it is a lot better than it was before!

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