Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 8: The Coat Closet (well Coat Rack in my case)

Day 8 called for organizing the coat closet.

As I wrote about in my linen closet post earlier, we don't have any closets, except for a small dark space underneath the stairs in the basement. So, I don't have a coat closet to organize. All of our coats hang on a coat rack to the left of our front door.

Before....items thrown everywhere. We have a baby gate up in front of this normally to block the stairs (on the right), and I have gotten used to the gate hiding the mess!

After.....all organized. Hannah's stuff in the smaller bucket and mine and the hubby's in the bigger bucket. Even purged a few mismatched gloves and excess gloves/hats.

My scarves are hanging on a hanger on a lower peg underneath the coats. Keeps them organized and easy to access.

The thing I love most about this 21-day challenge is that even if it is something as small as cleaning up a corner of my entryway, it inspires me to keep going and to do other little things around the house.

Thanks Toni for hosting such a great and inspirational challenge!


Tia said...

Good job! I remember having a coat rack as a kid and we were always afraid to put our coats on it because it was so overloaded it usually would tip over right on top of us! :)

Great job!

Sally said...

Wow. Nice job. I'm afraid we'd kill a coat rack. The space underneath is nice and tidy now. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks really nice - I agree with your comment about small tasks leading to larger inspiration.

Keep up the good work!