Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 2: The Computer Desk - Yikes!

Day 2 of the 21-Day Organization Challenge involved organizing the computer desk - well just the top of it.

This is tricky for me, because I work from home and don't use a traditional desk (our house is small and I don't want to work in a dark, cold basement, especially in the winter). 
So, I work from my dining room table (so I can listen to my XM on the TV and have some sunshine), and therefore my 'desk' looks like this EVERY DAY.
And everyone that walks into my house can see this MESS from the front door. 
Before....(to be honest, this isn't that bad compared to what it sometimes looks like)

I use this old microwave cart as a printer stand/bookshelf in lieu of buying something expensive. It serves its purpose, but I am constantly shoving things on the shelfs that shouldn't be there. It definitely needed a little TLC.

Having a messy table wasn't that big of a deal before Hannah was born. Joe and I would eat in the living room in front of the TV (I know, don't judge me). But as soon as Hannah started eating solids, we wanted to eat at the table as a family. So on a typical night when supper was ready, Joe and I would pile up my messy desk just enough to make room for our two dinner plates. So, I was VERY glad to see today's challenge - this mess had been bothering me for a long time...but no longer!

(Here's hoping it stays this clean, so I can just close my computer and eat dinner here tomorrow night!)

A few organizers work wonders! I got a labeler for my birthday last week, and can't wait to break it out and go label crazy on this and many other parts of my house!

Not perfect, but much better.

Voila! Day 2 Complete!

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