Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 5: Underneath the Sink

I've been dreading this day.
I knew it would come, but I didn't think it would come so soon!

Day 5 of the 21-Day organizational challenge and organizing.....UNDER THE KITCHEN SINK.

I try to ignore this area - it's bad and I just continue to throw stuff in there and pretend that it isn't there. But it is there and I am glad I am finally tackling it!

I've been looking through the other blogs, and I have to admit, underneath my sink is pretty bad. Other 'Before' pictures are better than my 'After' pictures. 

Before.  Total mess. Had no idea what was in there.

Empty!  Seriously - those pipes are just in the way!

I can't do a lot with this space. As others have said, the garbage disposal and pipes get in the way. Plus, we have a water purifier too, so I am limited as to the storage containers I can use (i.e. no tall caddy to carry supplies around the house and no large baskets). I would love to use the wire door organizers that Toni uses, but my local Walmart didn't have any (small town).  So I settled for collapsible shelves, which actually helped quite a bit, in addition to putting down liner. 

I put my dishwasher items and dishsoap on the left, with extra tabs on the bottom.
(BTW - I bought some dishwashing tabs to use after my dishwashing powder runs out...thoughts on which is better?? I've never used the tabs.) 

My cleaners are on the right, with my extra sponges, etc. underneath.

After....Not perfect, but definitely MUCH better - a lot more functional then it was before. 

 So guess what I'm off to tackle right now....the same horrible mess in the bathroom!!

Thank you Toni for inspiring me to get organized!!

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Anonymous said...

Great job tackling the cabinet. We have all the same issues - including the water system. Definitely makes organizing under the sink a bit trickier!

Good luck with the bathroom!