Saturday, January 1, 2011

My New Year's Resolutions

I am not sure that I like that word 'resolution'. It sounds so far-fetched. Something that is not often carried out. Yet, I'm not sure of a better term to use...aspiration? Objective? Goal? Whatever term you choose, it still results in action. And that's an even bigger term.

Here are my 'action-items' for 2011:
  1. Be more 'present' in my daily life. I tend to get so caught up in running after Hannah, work, couponing and the endless array of housekeeping/homemaking items on my to-do list, that I forget to live in the moment and enjoy my time with my beautiful little girl and amazing husband. This includes giving more time to God through prayer.
  2. Be more organized. I know that sounds very vague and 'cliche', but I just need more overall organization in my life. Long ago in the days BH (before Hannah), my house was clean, my desk was organized, and there wasn't a lot of clutter. Of course as soon as I had Hannah, that all went out the window. I don't expect to have a spotless house (I would rather spend my time playing with Hannah), I would just like my house to not look like a bomb just went off. By being more organized and less overwhelmed, I think I can be a better wife and mother.
  3. Loose my baby weight. I know, I know, this is the typical new year's resolution, and who knows, I may be one of the many who fail to complete this task. But I have to try. In just eight short months, I will be on a beach sipping a margarita, so I need to be (somewhat) bikini-ready.

Things to continue from 2010:

  1. Recycle and be energy concious.

  2. Save money through couponing and scoping out great deals.

Wow - that's a pretty tough list to tackle. So...what's your resolution?

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