Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 4: The Linen Closet

I love my house, but the one major drawback is the lack of closet space - i.e. there are none. I don't have a single closet on the main floor. In fact I have only one closet in the entire house that is not in a bedroom and dedicated to clothes.  That closet is underneath the stairs, and it is narrow and dark, so we just keep our sporting equipment in there. 

My 'linen' closet is the top of my cabinet in my guest restroom. It's small, so it It only holds a few extra blankets, our air mattress and some sheets for the guest bedroom. I keep Hannah's extra sheets in her room and ours in the cedar chest at the end of our bed.

Before.....the stuff was kinda just thrown in there.

After.....Now, it is at least folded, but it is still a tight fit.

Someday I'll live in a house with lots of closet space. A girl can dream right??


Sally said...

Good use of the space you have. I dream of more, too. Sigh....

Anonymous said...

I think you did a wonderful job!

Thanks for checking out my blog.